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Foot fractures treatmentThere’s absolutely no need to suffer with foot pain of any kind when Dr. Evaristo Rivero, DPM offers professional and caring services to patients in Lake Placid, FL. The wonderful and caring staff at the clinic assists Dr. Evaristo Rivero to help you with any type of foot ailment you may have. From injuries, fractures to ingrown toe nails; Evaristo Rivero, DPM will provide you with immediate relief!

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We all rely on our feet very much! It’s a proven fact that we take hundreds of steps a day! Take care of your feet and consult with Evaristo Rivero, DPM to help you walk and feel comfortable. Our dedicated and qualified staff will help you with all your foot needs so that foot pain will be a thing of the past! Feel free to browse through the various services that Evaristo Rivero, DPM offers. Rely on Evaristo Rivero, DPM for your entire family’s foot care needs!

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Do your feet hurt? Call the doctor! Don’t continue suffering with any type of foot pain, disease or ailment. Let Evaristo Rivero, DPM help you with the kind and compassionate care that you need and deserve. Regardless of the foot problem you or your family may have; Evaristo Rivero, DPM will eliminate the problem effectively. Call us today for more information and courteous service.

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